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Best speaker for speeches and conferences or stage monitoring. Great power, small size and premium sound quality. Good for up to 80 people (160 if you rent a pair). 1500W full range speaker. 15”, two-way, bass-reflex design.

$120.00* Estimated Delivery & Intallation $54.00
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Questions & Answers
Would this speaker be alright to use as a main speaker for a business conference of around 50 people?Yes, we would recommend two of these speakers for a group of 50 people. These speakers have great sound quality and are very sharp looking. They also come with tripods so the sound can travel across a room.
Is there a way to connect to this speaker by bluetooth?In order to connect to this speaker via bluetooth, you will need to add a bluetooth adapter to your order. With that adapter, you will be able to connect any device that has bluetooth to the speaker.
Do I need a mixer or sound board in order to use these speakers?It depends of the use you want to give to the speakers. If you want to play music from your phone / laptop you just need a bluetooth to XLR adaptor.
How would I connect a wireless microphone to these speakers?Some wireless microphone receivers will let send a pre mixed signal directly into the speakers. However, we highly recommend using a mixer so you can adjust the levels of each microphone if needed.
Can these speakers be used to play music for a party of about 150 people?It depends of the kind of party and the location. If you want to play background music during a wedding cocktail hour, a pair of PRX 815 would be sufficient. If you want to play loud hip hop or house music, you are going to need to add a subwoofer.