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Chauvet Intimidator Spot 260 moving head mounted on a 6 ft truss post. the truss post is covered with a white truss cover and illuminated from the inside with an uplight. The light projected from the moving head is great for any type of event and can be operated in auto mode, sound mode or controlled with a DMX controller. The moving head can also project custom Gobo (rented separately).

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Questions & Answers
How does the post for this moving head light up?This is the lighting truss post with moving head bundle meaning this includes the truss that the moving head light is mounted to as well as a white truss color with an uplight that goes in the middle to give the post a color of your choice.
Can this be put anywhere in the room? I am wondering for my wedding.In short, the answer is yes, this totem pole style tower with the moving head light on top can be placed anywhere in the room. However, keep in mind that power does need to be run along the walls or the floor in order to power the moving head, as that is not wireless. The uplight inside is wireless. Many people for weddings like to put these in the corners of a ballroom, on either side of the DJ, or in all 4 corners of the dance floor.
What is a gobo? I read that the moving head can have a gobo projection. What does that mean?A gobo is a small disc used in the moving head light to project different patterns or images. You also have the option to get a custom gobo made with your own image that can be projected with the light. Company logos or a monogram of a couple’s initials with a special date can be custom made into a gobo that is inserted into the light beforehand so it can be projected onto the floor, a wall, or the ceiling. With the moving head, the image can be static or can move around in a variety of ways.
Are the colors of the light controlled by a DJ or to the beat of the music?This moving head can operate in auto mode to the beat of the music, or it can be controlled by DMX with a DMX controller.