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The 65" flat screen Touchscreen on truss bundle is great for corporate events and presentations. The touchscreen is designed with education spaces in mind, Built-in whiteboard software allows for annotation with 20-points of touch and with wireless screen sharing making collaboration easy. This bundle includes a 100 Lb. black steel base and a 6' solid truss segment which the display is secured onto and can be used in high traffic settings such as wedding venues or large parties. For an added elegant look the truss is wrapped in with a black spandex cloth. (Using 2 TV's can cover even larger areas. You can display content with up to 4K Resolution via HDMI 85" flat screen TV, 4K UHD Resolution, 3 HDMI Inputs, max resolution 2160P (4k) 100 lb base, 2 meter truss, front & rear clearance 12"

$395.00* Estimated Delivery & Intallation $256.75
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