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Our DJ mixer rental selection include industry standards such as Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus and Allen and Heath Xone 92.

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DJ Mixers

Pioneer DJM A9 - DJ Mixer

The long awaited successor of the DJM 900 NX2, this mixer includes new features like improved connectivity, better sound and new effects.

Rental Price: $180.00 /24h ? Estimated Delivery and Installation: $81.00
Pioneer DJM 900NXS2 / 4 Channel Analogue Digital Mixer

The DJM-900NXS2 is the next level in creativity, delivering excellent connectivity, up-to-date FX, and mind-blowing performance features to make it the centerpiece of any professional DJ setup.

Rental Price: $150.00 /24h ? Estimated Delivery and Installation: $67.50
Allen & Heath Xone 92 / 6 Channel Analogue Mixer

Enhance your music mix with the Allen & Heath Xone 92, the perfect DJ Equipment for any event. Its compact design with versatile connectivity makes it a crowd favorite. ...

Rental Price: $120.00 /24h ? Estimated Delivery and Installation: $42.00
Pioneer DJM 900NXS / 4 Channel Analogue Digital Mixer

Unleash your creativity on stage with the Pioneer DJM 900NXS/4 Channel Analogue Digital Mixer, the center of any professional DJ setup. This mixer offers flexible connectivity and state-of-the-art effects. Its...

Rental Price: $120.00 /24h ? Estimated Delivery and Installation: $42.00
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DJ Mixers are the most important part of your DJ Equipment. A DJ mixer takes the sound coming from CDJs or turntables and allows you to mix it to create smooth transitions.

DJ mixers should not be confused with DJ controllers, since DJ controllers require a laptop to work, while DJ mixers can be used with or without digital inputs.

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