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  1. Wedding lighting: Rent wireless uplights to illuminate your special day. Our selection includes indoor and outdoor uplighting in various models in all price ranges.
  2. Stage lighting: Rent concert lighting fixtures such as moving heads, wash lights, spotlights, and other party lights.


Outdoor Stage Lighting

Private Celebration Package
Stage Risers
Moving HeadsMoving HeadsMoving HeadsMoving Heads
Up Lighting Renderx 6 Up Lighting Renderx 10

Getting ready for an outdoor concert? This amazing package has everything you need for your outdoor performance: A 16' x 12' outdoor stage, a 20'x 20' truss structure, 4 outdoor beam moving heads, 6 powerful wash lights and 10 weather proof up lights.

Lighting Truss Post with Moving Head Bundle

Chauvet Intimidator Spot 260 moving head mounted on a 6 ft truss post. the truss post is covered with a white truss cover and illuminated from the inside with an...

Rental Price: $250.00 /24h ? Estimated Delivery and Installation: $137.50
Lighting Truss Post with Beam Moving Head

The 6 feet truss post + Moving Head Beam Bundle is a great addition to any type of celebration! The bundle included the Beam moving head, 6' truss, base, wireless...

Rental Price: $280.00 /24h ? Estimated Delivery and Installation: $154.00
Moving head mounted on Quadpod

Chauvet Spot 260 gobo projector mounted on quadpod stand.

Rental Price: $100.00 /24h ? Estimated Delivery and Installation: $55.00
Lighting Truss Post with Outdoor Beam Bundle

This outdoor lighting bundle includes a powerful weather proof beam moving head mounted on a 6 feet truss segment. The truss is covered with white truss covered and contains a...

Rental Price: $420.00 /24h ? Estimated Delivery and Installation: $231.00
Stage Lighting
Stage lighting enhances performances, creates dynamic visual effects, and sets the mood for live events.

  • Spotlights: Used to highlight performers or specific areas of the stage.
  • Moving Heads: Provide versatility with their ability to move, change colors, and create various lighting patterns.
  • Wash Lights: Offer broad, even stage coverage with colored lighting.
  • Effects Lighting: Used to create dramatic effects, such as strobe lights, fog or haze machines, lasers, and other specialized effect fixtures.

DJ Lighting
DJ lighting is specifically designed to complement the music and enhance the performance of a DJ or electronic music artist.

  • Moving Heads: These dynamic fixtures create moving beams, patterns, and shapes that synchronize with the music beats.
  • Black Lights / UV Lights: Used to create a glow-in-the-dark effect.
  • Strobe Lights: Fast and intense bursts of light accentuate the music's energetic moments.

Party & Wedding Lighting
Party lighting focuses on creating a lively, energetic atmosphere for social gatherings such as birthdays, weddings, or celebrations. The emphasis is on creating a festive and engaging ambiance.

  • Uplighting: Lights on the floor, shining upwards to highlight walls or architectural features.
  • Moving Heads: Project customized designs or patterns onto walls or the dance floor.
  • Monogram/Gobo Lighting: Projection of custom monograms, graphics or logos into flat surfaces.
  • Spotlights: Focusing attention on specific areas or objects.
  • Effects Lighting: Strobe lights, lasers, fog machines, or bubble machines enhance the party atmosphere and add excitement.

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