This IP65 Waterproof Moving Head Beam Light is a dynamic lighting solution designed for outdoor events, Crafted from solid aluminum alloy and adhering to the IP65 waterproof standard. This moving head light boasts a remarkable 250W discharge lamp and a versatile range of features including 17 Gobos plus white light with two-way flow, variable speed jitter effect, a 24-prism for one-way variable speed rotation, and an effect wheel offering linear atomization and colorful mirror effects. This fixture can be used in stand alone modes such as Auto & Sound Modes.

$250.00* Estimated Delivery & Intallation $162.50
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I’m a little confused. The description says IP65, does that mean this moving head beam is weather proof? It can be used outside no problem?Yes! That is exactly what that means?//This is an outdoor rated moving head with a powerful 180 watt LED beam.