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Rogue Outcast 2 Beam is an IP65 moving head that outputs an intensely bright 300 W beam with 14 position color wheel individually controllable for solid and split hues. This moving head is IP65 rated, meaning it is fully weather proof for outdoor events.

$320.00* Estimated Delivery & Intallation $176.00
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Questions & Answers
Can it be controlled with 3 pin DMX?No, the Rogue Outcast moving head only have 5 pin DMS inputs and outputs. You can use a 3 pin to 5 pin DMX adaptor if you only have a 3 pin DMX console.
I’m a little confused. The description says IP65, does that mean this moving head beam is weather proof? It can be used outside no problem?Yes! That is exactly what that means. This is an outdoor rated moving head with a powerful 300 watt beam.
Can I get multiples of these and have them match up for an outdoor light display/show?Yes, these are professional grade moving head beams used for light shows and displays outside. We recommend adding at least one technician during your event if you are wanting to have a specific light show arranged.
Can these be mounted overhead or do they go on the ground? What placement is best recommended?They can be mounted overhead, usually on a truss beam, or upright on any flat surface. We do not recommend install them directly on the floor for safety reasons, since the moving head could be a tripping hazard.