This outdoor lighting bundle includes a powerful weather proof beam moving head mounted on a 6 feet truss segment. The truss is covered with white truss covered and contains a weather proof wash light to illuminate the truss from the inside. The beam can only be operated in manual mode or with a DMX controller.

$420.00* Estimated Delivery & Intallation $231.00
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Questions & Answers
Can you leave this bundle turned on while it's raining?Yes, every component of this bundle is fully weather proof and can be used outdoor even when it's raining.
Is the light powerful enough to be used on a soccer field?The Rogue Outcast 2 Beam is a really powerful moving head that is suited for large spaces such as soccer fields and stadiums.
Can I make the colors of the moving head change at the same time as the post?Yes, but you will need to use a DMX transmitter such as the Chauvet FlareCON since the wash lights inside the post do not have a DMX cable input.