ProX Blitzz FX / Cold Spark Machine

$250.00* Delivery & installation not included

The Cold Spark Machine is a DMX-controllable device that can project a 3 to 16 foot fountain of cold sparks. (62 degrees F) The device is a compact rectangular metal unit with a control surface on the rear with powerCON in and pass-thru connectors for daisy-chaining units together. Cold Spark Fountains are used to create amazing special effects for weddings and photo shoots. Rent a cold spark machine for your next event and make it shine!

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Important Information
For indoor use Fire Permit may be required.

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Questions & Answers

Are the sparks hot, is there a fire risk?No, the sparks are not hot and do not pose any risk of fire. However, some counties require fire marshal permits. You can speak with your venue to see if they require any special permits.
These items are small. Why can't I just pick them up at your location?Cold spark fountains are easy to operate once they are installed but you must be familiar with the product to properly transport and install them. If you have used these cold spark devices before, give us a call.
How long does the sparkler effect last?A full deposit will last for about 15 minutes of total run time. Cold sparks created a very impressive effect, and usually run for 15 - 30 second at a time, with gives you up to 120 uses!
Does someone need to manually activate the machine? How does that work?You can choose to activate the cold spark machine with a manual button attached to the unit or with a remote control. If you are renting more than one sparkler, you can link them through DMX so when you activate one the rest also get activated.

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Delivery and Installation

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