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Sony VPL-PHZ60 6,000 Lumen Laser Projector. Perfect for presentations, conferences and other corporate events, this laser projector is bright enough to be used in rooms where the lights are not dimmed.

$350.00* Estimated Delivery & Intallation $157.50
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Questions & Answers
Can this projector be used behind the screen for rear projection?Yes, the projector can be used for rear projection or frontward projection. If you are looking for rear projection, you will need to be sure to add the rear projection screen to your order along with the projector.
Does this projector have an auto-focus feature?Yes, this projector has the auto-focus feature and can also be focused manually.
Do I need to have a table or something to put this projector on if I am trying to do forward projection?This projector does need to sit on a table, AV cart, or be mounted on a truss structure. We offer all three options that can be added to your order.