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Have a blast with the CO2 Cannon Bundle! Includes Club Cannon Mk2, 8' hose and 50 lb CO2 Syphon tank.A full tank will give you from 60 to 75 Seconds of ice cold CO2 OutPut with CO2 cannon. Perfect to cool off the Miami heat, add this bundle to your rental to make your event stand out. CO2 guns are commonly used for concerts, raves, wedding receptions, sport events and many other live events.

$210.00* Estimated Delivery & Intallation $115.50
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Questions & Answers
How long does the CO2 tank last?The 50 lb CO2 lasts for 60 seconds, which seems short. But in reality, that means around 60 bursts and will usually last an entire event. Additional tanks of CO2 can be rented for anyone worried about not having enough.
How long is the hose that connects to the tank?The bundle includes a 8 feet hose but we have longer hoses available. Give us a call and we will make sure to add the proper hose size for your event.
Is the gas that comes out dangerous to breathe?CO2 is only dangerous when too much gas gets accumulated in a close space with no ventilation. 50 lb of CO2 will never be a problem when used in a normal sized room with proper ventilation.