Event Lighting Rentals Miami: Uplights, Moving Heads and Stage Lights

Hire the best event lighting services for your wedding, concert or special event in Miami and South Florida.

Wedding lighting: rent wireless uplights to illuminate your special day. Our selection includes indoor and outdoor uplighting in a variety of models in all price ranges. We also provide GOBO projector and custom monogram lights to display your initials on the dance floor.
Stage lighting: rent concert lighting fixtures such as moving heads, washlights, spotlights and other party lights.

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Moving Heads & Stage Lighting

Moving heads are the most important part of any stage lighting. This lighting fixture allows you to cover a 360 degree area, and if controlled manually they allow you to focus the spotlight into any point you want.

They are a super versatile stage lighting tool, giving you a variety of options on how you control them: Manually, by sound, automatic, through a DMX board etc.

They also offer you a multitude of options regarding color, luminosity, gobos, strobe and many more. Just having two of these will completely change your event lighting and leave your guests in awe!

Moving Heads
Chauvet Rotosphere Q3 Mirror Ball

Chauvet Rotosphere Q3 Mirror Ball

Rotosphere Q3 is an easy to use mirror ball simulator with high-power, quad-color LEDs. 3 LED zones to emit up to 3 different colors simultaneously and slow rotation speed creates a romantic atmosphere.

Rental Price: $50.00 / 24h

Event Lighting Fixtures

Our LED systems offer you many of the same lighting options and capabilities of the moving heads, with the only difference that they are fixed in place, making them a great option to add some light to yourDJ setup .

Control this piece of event lighting manually or through a DMX board, as a part of a bigger light show, or let them change in automatic mode or with the music beat.

Chauvet 4 BAR / LED Washlight System

Chauvet 4 BAR / LED Washlight System

The 4BAR is a pack-and-go must-have for DJs, bands, and other performers who want a complete LED wash light system.

Rental Price: $40.00 / 24h

Up Light Rentals & Wedding Lighting

Washlights, or uplighting, refers to the event lighting fixture that transforms any boring space into a colorful place by projecting a powerful light of a color of your choice in the walls.

People rent uplights mostly for wedding lighting, but they can be used in many other scenarios, such as corporate events or trade shows. If you are looking to add a theme color to the walls of your event, consider renting up lighting!

Most uplights also have UV light or black light capabilities, making it possible to use them in club and party settings to make things glow. If you are looking to rent UV lights or black lights, consider one of the options below.

Up lights are independently operated and do not need to be connected to the rest of the light show, which gives you the freedom to position them in every corner you desire, no matter how remote. We provide both indoor and outdoor uplighting rentals.

Up Lighting
Chauvet SlimPAR Q6 / Up Light

Chauvet SlimPAR Q6 / Up Light

Featuring 6 quad-color LEDs SlimPAR Q6 USB is a low-profile, high-output quad-color (RGBA) LED wash light with built-in D-Fi USB compatibility for instant wireless connectivity.

Rental Price: $20.00 / 24h

GOBOs / Monograms

GOBO, short for Goes Before Optics, is the piece of custom made metal of glass that you use to project monograms, logos or names with a gobo projector.

Gobos are used mostly for wedding lighting, where a monogram is designed, typically with the initials of the couple and the date of the wedding, and then projected on the wall. Depending on the gobo projector and the distance, you can achieve a projection from 5'-15' wide.

Gobos are also used for corporate events and trade shows, where the company's logo is projected for branding purposes. Add a gobo and gobo projector to your event lighting to make it truly unique!

Custom Monogram Metal Gobo

Custom Monogram Metal Gobo

Custom Monogram Metal Gobos are a great addition to your event's lighting. Project monogram, logos, names, or event names on any type of flat surface. Your guest will be impressed! (Gobo projector rented separately)

Rental Price: $120.00 / 24h

Event Lighting Bundles

Check out our stage lighting bundle options. Rent gobo projectors and moving heads on box truss poles.

Lighting Truss Post with Moving Head Bundle

Lighting Truss Post with Moving Head Bundle

6 feet truss post + Moving Head. The light projected from the moving head is great for any type of event. The moving head can also project custom Gobo (rented separately).

Rental Price: $250.00 / 24h