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Using black lights for your event creates a surreal ambiance by illuminating fluorescent or UV-reactive materials, resulting in a stunning glow-in-the-dark effect that enhances the overall visual experience.

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Rockville Wireless Uplight

Illuminate walls, DJ booths, or tables with the Rockville Battery Operated Wash light. The up light units can be operated through several automatic modes: color change, strobe, dimmer, gradual color...

Rental Price: $25.00 /24h ? Estimated Delivery and Installation: $11.25
Chauvet Wireless Weather-Proof Uplight

The Chauvet Freedom Flex Par Quad-4 is a key item to make your outdoor event a success! These up lights are fully weather proof even in the worst Miami weather....

Rental Price: $50.00 /24h ? Estimated Delivery and Installation: $22.50
Chauvet Colordash Par H12Xip

COLORdash Par H12IP is a compact, yet powerful IP-rated RGBWAUV LED wash light delivering a beautifully mixed, soft field of richly saturated colors. It features a user-friendly OLED full text...

Rental Price: $85.00 /24h ? Estimated Delivery and Installation: $46.75
Adkins / LED Wireless Up Light

The Adkins Professional Lighting 9x6 Watt RGBAW+UV is a compact, low profile par designed for up-lighting, stage lighting, and will bring color and excitement to any event.

Rental Price: $22.00 /24h ? Estimated Delivery and Installation: $9.90
Chauvet SlimPAR Q6 / Up Light

Featuring 6 quad-color LEDs SlimPAR Q6 USB is a low-profile, high-output quad-color (RGBA) LED wash light with built-in D-Fi USB compatibility for instant wireless connectivity.

Rental Price: $20.00 /24h ? Estimated Delivery and Installation: $11.00
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Black lights, also known as ultraviolet (UV) lights, are commonly used for events to create unique and captivating visual effects. Unlike traditional light sources, black lights emit ultraviolet radiation that is invisible to the human eye. However, certain materials and substances fluoresce or glow under UV light, creating a mesmerizing and ethereal glow-in-the-dark effect.

In the context of events, black lights are often used in combination with fluorescent or UV-reactive materials, such as paints, fabrics, accessories, or decorations. When exposed to black light, these materials illuminate and appear vividly bright, producing a surreal and otherworldly ambiance. This effect is particularly popular in events like glow parties, cosmic-themed gatherings, neon parties, or art installations.

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Are there any limitations on delivery and installation times during nights or holidays for your equipment?

No, we offer a 24-hour delivery service for AV productions. However, for services from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM, an extra charge will be applied, and you will be able to check it before checking out.

If I only need the equipment for a few hours, do I still need to rent it for more than that?

Yes, our policy requires a 24-hour minimum rental period for all rental options. The prices displayed in our online catalog are based on this 24-hour minimum.

Do I need to pick up the equipment, or do you provide delivery?

On our website, you have the option to choose "Add to Rental" to select dates for picking up and returning the equipment at our warehouse. Alternatively, you can select "Schedule Delivery" to specify the date and location of your event. This option allows us to deliver and install the equipment at your convenience.

Why do I need to pay a deposit, and can I get a refund if I cancel?

The deposit is required to reserve the equipment. You can get a full refund if you change your mind and cancel at least 30 days before the scheduled rental date.

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