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Audio equipment for your event in Miami

Miami Sound Rental is your premier audiovisual provider in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the rest of South Florida. We have the best selection of passive and active speakers and pro audio. We also rent DJ Equipment such as CDJs and DJ Mixers.

If you are looking to rent some visual reinforcement for your event, check out our selection of projectors and video walls. We also provide truss and stage rentals, as well as special effects such as sparklers, CO2 Jets and Fog Machines.

Speaker Rental

No matter if you are looking for a small set of speakers for a gathering, a sound system for a celebration or a complete array and subwoofer pro audio system, Miami Sound Rental has the best speaker rentals in South Florida.

Browse our selection of passive and powered speakers for your event, we have many options ranging from small sound setups to full concert line array systems.

Selecting the right speakers and subwoofers for the space to achieve the desired sound can be a difficult task. If you have any questions, our Miami pro audio team will be happy to assist you. Call us anytime at 305 974 4411.


A good set of speakers is the most important part of any sound system. The main speakers will be the ones that transmit the medium and high frequencies from the music to the crowd.

For your convenience all our speaker rentals are powered, meaning that amplifiers are not required. This makes the speakers way easier to operate and cuts set-up time in less than half.

Check our speaker rental section and find the set that best fits your needs for your event in Miami.

Speakers Rental

The Subwoofers are the part of the audio equipment that transmits the lower frequencies, or Bass, to the crowd. The complement a set of speakers in delivering a full range of frequencies to the public.

Even when they are not 100% needed to enjoy a music set, they are highly recommended as part of the overall sound system to appreciate the full range of the music.

If you are planning electronic music event in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, subwoofers are a must audio rental since this kind of music places a lot of emphasis on the bass.

Just like with our speaker rentals, all our subwoofers are powered so you do not have to worry about amplifiers connected to your sound system.

Subwoofers Rental

Monitors are very similar to regular speaker rentals, but with the difference that they are able to reproduce the whole range of frequencies with a fidelity that cannot be achieved by the main speakers or the subwoofers alone.

This characteristic makes them the perfect tool for the artist to monitor the sound from the stage. Since the main set of speakers will be facing away from the artist, a good pair of monitors is a must to allow the musicians to hear themselves.

If your budget do not allow you to rent a full set of speakers and subwoofers, you can always rent a pair of monitors to get a more complete range of frequencies.

In our monitor rental section you can find the monitors that better adapt to your music style, from stand monitors to floor monitors.

Monitors Rental

DJ Equipment Rental

Find the latest DJ Equipment for rent in Miami and Fort Lauderdale in this section.

When it comes to DJ Booths, we have the latest models of Pioneer and Allen & Heath Mixers, CDJs 3000 and 2000NXS and Turntables available to rent in Miami.

You can rent them separately or as a complete set in our DJ Equipment Rental section.

Complete Sets

Mixers are the command center of any performance and an essential part of your DJ equipment rental. DJs use them to mix records being played by turntables or CDJs. Live Musicians use them as part of their sound system to mix the sound coming from the different instruments and microphones.

You can find the latest Mixers from Pioneer and Allen & Heath, industry standards for any Miami DJ, as well as several Multi-Channel Audio Mixer that will fit the needs of any band no matter the size.

Mixers Rental

CDJs are the digital era DJ equipment version of turntables. Both turntables and CDJs are used to play records and modify their speed and position in real time.

The main difference is that while turntables are limited to vinyl records, CDJs can play digital records stored in a variety of forms (CDs, USB drives, Memory Cards) and in a variety of formats (MP3, WAV...)

The king of CDJs since the moment of its release is the Pioneer CDJ 2000, with their additional updates the CDJ 2000 Nexus and NXS2. Rent CDJs as part of your DJ Equipment for your event in Miami and provide a time tested industry favorite.

CDJs Rental

When it comes to DJ equipment vinyl is making a comeback. Not just in Miami. But in all DJ rentals markets. Some say it is due to their superior sound. Others say it is the exclusivity that makes copying the analog format difficult. Whatever the case, the truth is you are going to need turntables if you want to play your vinyls. They wont fit in the CDJs!

Turntables Rental

In our microphone rental sections you can find all kind of microphones for your conference, show, corporate event or as a complement for your DJ equipment rental.

No matter if you are looking for wired mics, hands free sets or wireless mics, with or without speakers, you can find everything in this section.

Microphones Rental

If you need a complete DJ equipment set we got you covered. We have different combinations that adapt to different DJ styles and at the same time save you money. In expensive Miami rental market, that is a good thing!

Check out the different DJ booths & setups we prepared for you in our Complete DJ Sets section.

Complete Sets Rental

Lighting Rental

Full-service event rentals would be incomplete without proper lighting taken into account.

Lighting from up lights, to moving heads, to backlit DJ displays with diffuse multi-colored effects are an essential part of your audiovisual equipment.

Our equipment rental includes all of the latest technology at the most affordable equipment for rent rates in Miami.

Moving Heads
Moving Heads

Moving heads are the most important part of any lighting setup. Usually mounted on a truss structure, they allow you to cover a 360-degree area, and if controlled manually they allow you to focus the spotlight into any point you want.

They are highly versatile, giving you a variety of options on how you control them: Manually, by sound, automatic, through a DMX board etc.

Some of them allow for custom gobos: little pieces or metal or glass that project your company or event logo wherever you choose.

They also offer you multitude of options regarding color, luminosity, gobos, strobe and many more. Just having two of these will transform your Miami event and leave your guests in lighting awe!

Moving Heads Rental

Our LED lighting systems offers you many of the same options and capabilities of the moving heads (mounted on the proper stage truss) with the only difference that they are fixed in place.

Control them manually or through a DMX board, as a part of a bigger lightshow, or let them change in automatic mode or with the music beat generated by your sound system.

Fixtures Rental

Washlights, or uplighting are two types of stage lighting that will let you transform a boring space into a colorful Miami haunt by projecting a powerful light of a color of your choice onto the walls.

This lights are independently operated and do not need to be connected to the rest of the lightshow. That gives you the freedom to position them in every corner you desire, no matter how remote.

Uplighting Rental

Staging Rental

Proper staging is essential for setting the ambiance for the event. We offer a full selection of box truss and stage rentals from which you can create 100% custom stages. Complete your structure with video walls, LED panels and special effects such as cold spark machines, and fog machines. Our staff will work with you every step of the way to create a unique stage, taylor made for your event or live concert.

Stage Risers
Special Effects

Truss allows you to create the staging of your dreams. Build whatever structure you envision with these completely modular pieces, or choose one of the most common structures we use in Miami.

Once your structure is up, this will be the base for your stage lighting or any other audio equipment or audio visual components you want to hang: screens, projectors, speakers... anything can be set in this sturdy staging frame. Bar none, it is the keystone of every big stage Miami event.

Explore our available pieces and pre made structures in our truss rental section.

Truss Rental

Rent LED Modules, TV Screens or projectors to mount on the truss. Ideal for corporate events, trade shows and parties of all kind.

The prices are for the Visual device alone and do not include the truss.

Visuals Rental

Just like the rental truss, our staging risers are completely modular and adapt to any kind of space, letting you bring to reality whatever shape you envision.

Our staging risers are heavy-duty and are made to resist even the craziest Miami concert. Module or package rental is available.

Stage Risers Rental

Create the most amazing special effects on your stage without the need of costly equipment or special licenses.

Our special effect gear will allow you to have pyrotechnic-like special effect without the safety hazard. Rent CO2 Jets, Cold Spark Machines, Fog Machines and much more in our special effect section.

Special Effects Rental

Event Production Rental

Get everything you need for your wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Birthday or corporate event. No matter if you are planning an indoor or outdoor event, we've got you covered.

Check out our event furniture, portable generators, canopies and bars in the Event Production section

Event Furniture
Portable Bars
Event Furniture

Rent furniture for your wedding, celebration or corporate event. Tables, Chairs, String Lights or belt dividers.

Have the perfect event without the hustle of transporting and storing the bulky furniture.

Event Furniture Rental

Our portable bars are ideal for outdoor events. Ultra portable and lightweight, they include everything a barman may need: 5-bottle speed rail and an 80-pound (36,3 kg) capacity ice sink for bottle, can, or mixer service.

Portable Bars Rental

Our Portable generators will power your event anywhere you choose to have it. with more than 12h running capacity with one tank, you will not run out of electricity for the lenght of your event.

We rent the generators with a full tank.

Generator Rental

Get protection from Miami storms for your outdoors event with our rental selection of canopies.

We have them in a variety of sizes and styles. Best of all is that they also can be joined together to cover a larger area, commensurate with your sound system, audio visual, staging and lighting needs.

Canopies Rental