Cold Sparks, Cryo Guns and Fog Machine Rental in Miami

Rent the most amazing special effects for your event in Miami or Fort Lauderdale.

Beat the Miami heat with our CO2 jets and cryo gun rentals, make your event shine with a cold spark machine fountain and create amazing light shows with a fog machine.

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CO2 Cannon / Cryo Gun Rentals

The CO2 Cannon, also known as Cryo Gun, Cryo Cannon or CO2 jet, is one of the most exciting special effects you can rent for your event in Miami or Fort Lauderdale.

The Cryo Gun uses liquid CO2 stored in tanks to shoot a CO2 jet that cools down and refreshes the crowd, something very appreciated in the Miami heat. CO2 guns are a great addition to your DJ booth.

You can rent your cryogun alone or as part of a bundle with a 50lb CO2 tank. A full 50lb CO2 tank will give you 20 opportunities to shoot your cryo gun.

The CO2 jet produced by this special effect equipment can reach up to 30', and it should never be shot at close range. The cryo gun is not meant to be used for long periods of time since it can reach very low temperatures.

CO2 Cannon
CO2 Cannon - Cryo Gun

CO2 Cannon - Cryo Gun

The Club Cannon is a handheld cryo gun that produces 20-30FT plumes of ice cold CO2 jet, using liquid CO2. It is great for DJ’s, night clubs, DJ booths, sporting events, field entrances, theatre productions, weddings, special events and more. Make your next event extraordinary! Includes a 8ft hose.

Rental Price: $60.00 / 24h

Fog Machine

Fog Machines, also known as haze machines or smoke machines, are used to create a fog-like effect during your event. This water based special effect heats up a special liquid to create the haze. Our fog machine rentals come with a full tank that lasts several hours even when used intensively.

Fog machines are usually used to accentuate the visual effect of moving head beams, laser and other event lighting, since the thick fog will allow for the light beam to be visible as it passes through it.

You can also rent a fog machine to create a cloud like effect for your wedding or special celebration. Fog machines are a very popular choice for a wedding first dance.

Fog Machine
Hurricane 2000 Fog Machine

Hurricane 2000 Fog Machine

Hurricane 2000 is an event-ready, high volume fog machine that produces a thick plume on demand. It features a PowerCON®-compatible power input connection and 3- and 5-pin DMX input/output connections for quick setup options. An advanced fluid sensor with automatic shut-off prevents overheating and the variable output can be controlled from the on-board LCD display or DMX. Includes 1 gallon of fog liquid. Fog machines can be used to create special effects for weddings and other events, or to accentuate light beams during a lightshow.

Rental Price: $100.00 / 24h

Cold Spark Machines

Cold Spark machines, or sparklers, are a very popular special effect in Miami events. Sparklers use titanium powder to create a perfectly safe special effect.

Sparklers do not reach high temperatures, which makes them the perfect choice to create awesome effects during weddings and other special events.

Cold spark machine fountains are also rented for photo shoots to create amazing effects. Our cold spark machine rentals come with a full deposit of cold spark powder.

NOTICE: Some counties have special rules regarding sparklers and cold spark machines for indoor use. Please consult your county fire regulations with the fire marshall department before renting a cold spark machine fountain.

Cold Sparks
ProX Blitzz FX / Cold Spark Machine

ProX Blitzz FX / Cold Spark Machine

The Cold Spark Machine is a DMX-controllable device that can project a 3 to 16 foot fountain of cold sparks. (62 degrees F) The device is a compact rectangular metal unit with a control surface on the rear with powerCON in and pass-thru connectors for daisy-chaining units together. Cold Spark Fountains are used to create amazing special effects for weddings and photo shoots. Rent a cold spark machine for your next event and make it shine!

Rental Price: $250.00 / 24h