Audio Equipment and Microphone Rentals in Miami

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Main Speaker Rentals - Powered Loudspeakers

If you are planning an event in Miami and you need to rent some audio equipment, the first thing you want to consider is a set of loudspeakers.

PA Speakers are the keystone of any sound system rental. You can use the loudspeakers by themselves, with a set of subwoofers, or as sound reinforcement of a bigger PA system.

In our Miami warehouse you can find a selection of Professional JBL powered loudspeakers, DAS and QSC, some of the pro audio industry favorites in Miami and around the world.

If you are looking to rent outdoor or concert speakers, look into the line array speaker section for some pro audio sound system options.

Main Speakers
JBL PRX 825 / ​Dual 15” Speaker

JBL PRX 825 / ​Dual 15” Speaker

The JBL PRX825 is a full-range loudspeaker designed for main system applications. Featuring a dual 15”, two-way, bass-reflex design powered by a 1500-watt class-D amplifier, PRX825 delivers incredible volume in a lightweight and compact form factor. Rent this speaker as a part of a bigger PA sound system or use it as a party speaker for small events.

Rental Price: $145.00 / 24h

Powered Monitors

Monitors are essentially loudspeakers that were designed to handle a more complete range of frequencies so artists could use them to monitor their sound during a live performance.

While the sound system faces the crowd, monitors are usually located on the stage facing the band or DJ. Our favorite option for monitoring is the JBL PRX 815, a versatile powered monitor that provides crystal clear sound in every situation.

JBL PRX 815 / 15” Two-Way Floor Monitor

JBL PRX 815 / 15” Two-Way Floor Monitor

The JBL PRX815 is a full-range speaker designed for the main system and floor monitor applications with Wi-Fi . Featuring a 15”, two-way, bass-reflex design powered by a 1500-watt class-D amplifier, PRX815 delivers incredible volume in a lightweight and compact form factor.

Rental Price: $120.00 / 24h

Line Array Speakers

Line Array speakers are the pro audio option for bigger events in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Our line array speakers are passive, meaning that they need amplifiers to work. Passive speakers have advantages over powered speakers: as long as the amplifiers are covered, they can be used as outdoor speakers for a concert sound system.

A line array sound system usually consists of 4 - 8 line array speakers on each side of the stage, usually hung from a tall truss structure, complemented by 2 - 4 subwoofers, and powered by a set of amplifiers.

Line Array sound systems are considered pro audio and have to be monitored from a Miami Sound Rental technician during use. If you are thinking about renting professional audio equipment, please give us a call at 305 974 4411 so we can help you choose the best configuration for your event.

Line Array Speaker Bundle

Line Array Speaker Bundle

Professional concert grade Line Array Speaker Bundle. Impress your guest with the power of sound this bundle projects. 8x LA 210 1500W RMS Tops 2x LA 218 3200W RMS Subwoofers Includes Amps Can be rigged to truss or stacked

Rental Price: $1,500.00 / 24h

Passive Speaker Amplifiers

Amplifiers are only necessary in passive sound systems. This piece of pro audio equipment distributes power to a set of passive line array speakers or subwoofers.

If you are looking to rent pro audio equipment for an event in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, please give us a call at 305 974 4411 so we can better assist you.

Amp Rack

Amp Rack

Amp #1 - 4x1300W 4 channel 8 Ohms Amp #2 - 4x1300W 4 channel 8 Ohms Amp #3 - 4x2000W 2 channel 4 Ohms Sound Processor Power Conditioner

Rental Price: $400.00 / 24h

Microphone and Speaker Rentals

Rent a microphone and speaker for your event. Our mic and speaker bundles can be used in a multitude of events such as weddings, presentations and corporate events.

We offer a variety of microphone and speaker bundles, from a budget friendly speaker and wired mic bundle to wireless microphone sets with one or two speakers that can adapt to big and small crowds.

Our mic and speaker rentals can be picked up in our Miami location or delivered and installed at a location of your choice.

Microphone and Speaker
Microphone and Speaker Bundle

Microphone and Speaker Bundle

Mic and speaker rental includes JBL EON 615 speaker, ND76 wired microphone, 10 channel yamaha mixer, tripod and cables.

Rental Price: $120.00 / 24h


Recorders are a piece of audio equipment that connect directly to your sound system or DJ mixer to record your concert or DJ set with perfect audio quality.

Zoom H4n Pro Audio Recorder

Zoom H4n Pro Audio Recorder

The H4n Pro is capable of recording the loudest and heaviest performances, up to 140 dB SPL without distortion. Take a line-level stereo feed from the mixing console and capture room ambiance with the X/Y microphones.

Rental Price: $30.00 / 24h

Microphone Rentals - Wireless, Gooseneck, Lav

In our Microphone rental section you can find our full selection of microphones: wireless microphone sets with both handheld and lapel microphones, ideal for conferences and presentations; Vocal microphones for live performances and all kinds of instrument and drum microphones.

If you are looking to rent a microphone and speaker, please go to a mic and speaker rental section, where you can find premade microphone and speaker bundles.

Mipro Lapel Microphone Bundle

Mipro Lapel Microphone Bundle

Great for lectures, conferences, and tutorials! Hands-Free Wireless Microphone Set Includes receiver unit plus 2 microphones 330ft range 10-hour operation battery

Rental Price: $50.00 / 24h


Subwoofers are the audio equipment that handle the lower frequencies.

If you are planning a big event, or you want to make sure your guests can hear the bass, add a good set of subwoofers to your sound rental.

Our subwoofer selection in Miami and Fort Lauderdale include powered 18" subs from DAS, JBL and QSC, as well as some passive options to be used as part of a bigger line array sound system.

JBL SRX828SP / 18” Dual Subwoofer

JBL SRX828SP / 18” Dual Subwoofer

SRX828SP is a portable, self-powered, two-way, 18” subwoofer Great for events sustaining 400 attendees and an outdoor event of 150 attendees.

Rental Price: $300.00 / 24h