LED Video Walls, TV & Projector rentals in Miami

No matter if you are planning a corporate event or a concert, visual equipment is essential in many events.

Hire projector rentals, a budget friendly option ideal for conferences, seminars and movie nights. Rent TVs of all sizes that you can rent alone or mounted in truss poles or tripods, or hire LED video wall services for bigger events.

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Flat Screen TV Rentals

Short term flat screen TV rentals online. Explore our selection of flat screen TVs from the best brands. Our Samsung, Insignia and Sceptre smart TV screens come in 40 inch and 65 inch sizes and can be rented alone or mounted on truss as part of a bundle. You can also add media products like media boxes, HDMI splitters and switchers and other center TV accessories in our production section.

Rent your TV monitor for a day as a visual reinforcement for your conference or event in Miami, as an attention grabber for your trade show booth or to show a video during a special celebration.

65" HD Smart TV Screen Truss Stand Heavy

65" HD Smart TV Screen Truss Stand Heavy

The 65" flat screen TV on truss bundle is great for corporate events and presentations. This TV bundle includes a 100 lb black steel base and a solid truss mount, which properly secures the TV and makes it safe for high traffic settings such as trade shows. The 6' truss segment is covered with black cloth for an elegant look. The TV included in this bundle is a Samsung 65' Ultra High Definition Smart TV Screen.

View Product DetailsRental Price: $220.00 / 24h ? Estimated Delivery and Installation: $143.00

LED Display / Video Walls

LED panels, also known as video walls or LED walls, are one of our most popular visual rentals in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. LED walls are modular and can go from a few feet wide to huge 40' wide stage screens. LED panels are usually mounted on stage truss and can be configured in different ways to adapt to your event.

Video walls are used in many different events: concerts, conferences, sport events, trade shows etc. The LED panels that make up the video wall can be arranged into any shape you can think of, from pillars to 3D cubes, the limit is your imagination.

If you want to hire a LED video wall for your event in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, you have arrived at the right place.

LED Panels
50cm LED Wall Module

50cm LED Wall Module

1.6'x 1.6' (50cm x 50cm) per video wall module Weatherproof 52 dots x 52 dots module resolution 120 frame / sec framerate

View Product DetailsRental Price: $50.00 / 24h ? Estimated Delivery and Installation: $27.50

Projector & Screen Rentals

HD Projectors are the most common piece of equipment people rent as a visual reinforcement. If you are planning a conference or corporate event in Miami, chances are that you will need to rent a projector and screen.

Our professional projectors are powerful and easy to use, and can be rented alone or as part of a bundle that includes a movie projector and a screen. Our projector screens come in two different sizes, 120 inch and 150 inch. If you require professional installation, a Miami Sound Rental technician will make sure the projector is installed according to your specifications.

Check out our HD video projector rentals and contact us if you have any questions.

Sony VPL Laser Projector

Sony VPL Laser Projector

Sony VPL-PHZ60 6,000 Lumen Laser Projector. Perfect for presentations, conferences and other corporate events, this laser projector is bright enough to be used in rooms where the lights are not dimmed.

View Product DetailsRental Price: $350.00 / 24h ? Estimated Delivery and Installation: $157.50

Video Wall

Check out our amazing selection of video wall bundles. These LED video wall bundles include everything you need for your event: LED pannels, truss support system and video proccessor. You just have to bring a HDMI compatible device, like a laptop or media player, and you will be set to use the video wall.

Video Walls are use in many different events. Concerts and festivals use video walls to project visuals and to stram live the band or DJ performing. Corporate events such as conferences and trade shows use video wall displays as visual aid. Churches also use video walls in their services. If you cannot find a video wall bundle that fit your needs do not hesitate to give us a call!

Video Wall
Small Video Wall Bundle

Small Video Wall Bundle

LED Video Wall Bundle: 10' x 6.5' LED Video Wall Display with 4.8mm pitch (resolution). The display is mounted on 14' x 12' Goalie Truss structure. This LED display is outdoor rated, which make it perfect for small concerts and other outdoor applications.

View Product DetailsRental Price: $1,400.00 / 24h ? Estimated Delivery and Installation: $1,050.00